What We Do

All About Rides is a site dedicated to all things automotive.  Car talk, test drives, how-to's, garage projects, event coverage and more.

Jay Mathews offers readers a unique take on car culture unlike anything else on the market.

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Meet the Team

The men, the myths, the legend, the dog...


Jay Mathews

Founder, Writer & Host

Jay has been a well known radio personality throughout the south for over 20 years; currently the morning host of Rock 106.9 in Valdosta and the Operations Manager over 7 Black Crow Media radio stations and ValdostaToday.com.  Jay maintains a collection of classic and modern vehicles in the family shop, and occasionally participates in racing events in the southeast.


Daryle Mayer

Co-Founder & Videographer

Daryle has a good eye.  Some even say he has two.  A south Georgia native, Daryle is the unsung hero of the All About Rides videos - he's the man behind the camera.  Friends with Jay Mathews since high school, they've turned the "car crazy teenager" phase into a lifelong commitment.  Daryle has a special affinity for danger, breaking cell phones, and flowery Hawaiian shirts.


Boomer & Jack

Shop manager & Mechanic

One is very furry and tends to scratch himself at awkward moments while hanging out in the shop, and the other one... is a dog.  Jack is a retired Air Force jet engine mechanic, automotive mechanic, and former SCCA racer.  He maintains his own personal automotive workshop, which is a good thing, since Jay and Daryle tend to break their cars on a regular basis.

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