Spied in V-Town: Lotus Evora

In south Georgia, it’s rare to see much of anything outside of the normal everyday type cars, SUVs, and pickups.  So. Many. Pickups.  But occasionally, the F-150s and Silverados part like the Red Sea and a heavenly light shines down on something special.  Thus was the case this past weekend as I was driving my daughter’s friend home after spending the night.

Both the girls were riding in Memphis with me – my 50th Anniversary edition Mustang GT –  and they spied it first.  “Look at that!”  A gray Lotus Evora right in front of us on North Valdosta Rd.  As we slowed to a stop at the red light, 16 year old me instinctively tightened my grip on the steering wheel and grabbed 1st gear; ready to see if the Lotus could handle a healthy dose of badass ‘Murican V8.  When my daughter leaned up from the back seat and snapped the picture you see above, I was reminded that I’m actually a 40 year old with two pre-teen kids in the car.  Damn.  The guy in the Lotus was obviously aware of Memphis because he shot off like a rocket when the light changed.  It would have been close.

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